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  IPv6 Project

  Design and Development of Hybrid IPv4 and IPv6 Network for QoS Enabled Video Streaming Multicast Application



Phase-1 – Deliverables

A-D1. Initial Report describing Hybrid IPv4-IPv6Testbed Plan for LAN, MAN and WAN deployments
A-D2. Initial Report summarizing research work on DVMRP, PIM-SM, PIM-DM, CBT multicast protocols, DAF, 6LSA, GI, UFL, IntServ6 IPv6 QoS provisioning mechanisms and  6to4, Teredo, ISATAP tunneling techniques
A-D3. Initial Report summarizing requirements of Application Layer QoS Mechanisms for Test Streaming Application

Phase-2 Deliverables

B-D1: Architectural Design Specifications (ADS)
B-D2: Detailed Design Specifications (DDS)
B-D3: Report describing Test Cases for IPv6 Service Provisioning Performance Evaluation
B-D4: Report describing initial deployment of Hybrid IPv4-IPv6 testbed
B-D5: Setup demonstration exhibiting initial deployment of Hybrid IPv4-IPv6 testbed

Phase-3 Deliverables

C-D1: Software code of streaming application with application layer QoS control mechanism
C-D2: Initial Test Report
C-D3: Updated and optimized ADS and DDS

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